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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun with loads of pending work and deadlines looming

23rd August 2010

Hi Folks,

How are you??Hope you all are doing fine and had a nice weekend. Today I am going to share with you my today's experience which is kinda of mixed experience endued with both work and enjoyment running parallely at the same time. As the deadline for conference paper submission is coming nearer pressure for completing the same asap is increasing. Weather being awesome in Bangalore for the past two days, perfect weather to go outside and enjoy I must say. I too was longing for having the chance to go outside and party with friends. But Alas!! I am running the race against time as the deadline for submission is looming and weekend being the only time where you can work more energetically, free from office worries and tensions.

So, my today's day goes like this. I wake up around 8 AM in the morning, had my breakfast, of course after brushing, bathing etc. I was not good at health since I was down with headache for past 2 days and was getting a feeling that soon I will be getting the fever. But then also the self-satisfaction which I will be getting after completing the paper gave me enough courage and strength to proceed for the work -:). From 9 AM in the morning I stared working along with Abhishek to kick off the best algorithmic approach which is applicable for our work. We kept on discussing about the various approach, there pros and cons respectively. Till lunch there was no significant output. But after lunch we came with the algorithm which seems to be working fine in all cases. It was like a big wawwwww for us. Our joys knew no bounds. We were very much satisfied with ourselves. But as we started investigating further depth into our algorithm we came across few drawbacks which further added to our worries. But finally after working and discussing on the same we are able to get the solution for all drawbacks of our proposed algorithm. It is 1 AM in the morning(next day) when we are able to complete our work finally. I would not say complete but to be more specific we are able to clear the major hurdle towards our paper completion. At the end we both are feeling self-satisfied and atleast we can have sound sleep now!!!

Learning of the day: "Keep working, you gonna succeed!!!"

That's it for now guys, keep in touch GUD NITE.....SAYONARA!!!


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