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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happiness is everywhere around you, all you need is to...

15th May 2010

Today I am free and thought of adding something new to my blog. While going to the flashback of my memories I found a small incidence that happened with me whose reminiscence is still present in some corner of my memory as fresh as it has just happened now.

It was 12th December night(exact day I don't remember but time was around 10:30 PM) I was alone in my room @ Gurgaon. I was having no work to do and I was feeling sort of uncomfortable or you can say sort of boredom(better term). Weather outside was chilling and wind was blowing gently adding further to the chilled weather, so it was not possible for me to go outside for a walk. So I thought of having some tea for both reason, to refresh my mood and as a sign of relief to overcome the chilling weather. So, I went to downstairs tea-stall where I usually used to go for having tea and snacks on weekends. After reaching the tea-stall I ordered one tea for me and started reading the newspaper till the time tea gets prepared. While reading the newspaper I was giving a glance to the tea-stall person to check whether tea has been prepared or not. From his action it seems that he was having no interest in preparing the tea(as it used to be the other day). By seeing his face I get a feeling that he is gloomy and feeling dejected.

Initially I thought of interrupting him and asking are you ok but then I thought its not a good idea. When the tea was ready and he served to me then I asked him a with a great heart "you does not seems to be ok". He initially got scared and then said why do you say this sir what happened? I said I am just guessing by the expression that is in your face. He said everything is ok sir and then after some time he came near to me and then in a weak voice tone said sir, I have a small problem. I said, what's that? he said my mobile is not working since afternoon so I am not able to inform to my parents that today I will be late to home as I am having some urgent work. I smiled and said ohhh then take my mobile and make a call. He initially resisted and said then he will manage but on forcing him he agreed to make a call. After having a conversation with his parents he smiled and forwarded my mobile to me and said thanks for all your kind help. Today you have been of great help for me. And from that day he used to behave like a friend to me. He used to share his day to day experience and thought with me. On that day I was feeling very much satisfied with myself and my mood got fresh and energetic.

I learned two valuable lessons from this incidence:

1) Helping in difficult situation is one of the greatest gift which you can give to others.
2) Happiness is everywhere around you, all you need is to explore it.

Finally, "Experience is the only way to get through this life" - Feel it, Live it, Face it and most importantly Enjoy it!!!

Have a wonderful Day!!