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Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Tirupathi trip review!!

4th July 2010

Hi friends,

Its been quiet a sometime that
i have not written anything into this blog. So i thought of adding something new to it. I have lots of thing to share but really i am lagging in time. So; i am sharing herein one of my best experience@Tirupathi trip, whose memories i also thought of capturing it through this post...

Way to the temple:

There is a misnomer leading the actual name of this temple. People in north india do call it Tirupathi Balaji temple but the actual naming is bit different. Tirumala is a place situated on the top of hill with total seven number of peaks. The base town of this hill is known as Tirupathi while the top one is known is Tirumala. Temple of swami Venkateshawara is located in Tirumala on one of the peak. It is a dipsy doodle way from Tirupathi to Tirumala but convenience in locomotion is available. One can go to the top in his personal or hired vehicle. The way to Tirumala passes through a 'zoological park' followed by an old fort.

About the temple:

Temple is of some god swami Venkateshawara, a black statue with lots of followers shouting the name of "Govinda"... lots of its parts are covered with pure gold coverings and shooting within the temple premises is not allowed at all. Lots of commercialization can be easily seen as the tickets are available in various ranges. i mean one need to buy a ticket for the darshan. The more you pay for the ticket the more easy will be your darshan.Free darshan is very hectic coz of huge crowd. On one of the external side of temple one gate is situated on the top known as "Uttar Dwar" (Northern gate).. i don't know the significance of that gate but lots of people do praise that gate too. On the back of the temple, huge statue of lakshmi is situated that is made totally of gold. Next to it is the Hundi in which people do donate lots of money to the temple. I had seen people weighing their kids with money and donating the equivalent coins to the temple. I don't know why but people do posses faith in donating abundant of money at the back of the temple. There is also a custom of shaving heads over there.

Other places to visit:

Paapvinashnam tirtham: It's a natural shower sprouting the water down from a hill. People believe that bathing in this shower will free one from all his past sins. I am not sure about the authenticity of this fact but i had a bath over there. i mean the place is good. No risk shower in the vicinity of natural scenery.

Aakash ganga: Its a mountain sprouting water out from its facing side. No one knows from where the water is coming within that mountain hence they beleive it to be coming from the sky and called it as Aakash ganga (Sky ganges). One board describes a story behind that water as it is a gift given to queen padmavati by the brother on her marriage ceremony.

Museum: A very good museum with lots of ancient statues and encryptions. I had seen one 13th century stone encrypting the directions with their influencing gods as follows:

North : Kuber
South: Yum
East: Indra
West: Varun

Again this information is totally based upon the encryption present over the stone hence no claim for its authenticity.

Overall it was a wonderful one day trip and i enjoyed a lot!!
Hope to visit this place once again...

That's it for now friends. Have a wonderful day!!

Link of the trip photos can be found at: Trip_Photos


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